2011 – July – Week 3

Hackers target The Sun website

You can’t help but laugh at some of the antics these hackers get up to.



Giant space scope RadioAstron reaches orbit

The more space telescopes the merrier.



Could the Big Bang have been a quick conversion of antimatter into matter?

Interesting ideas on the origin of the Universe. Since only we make the distiction between matter and antimatter one could say the Universe is made up of antimatter and matter is scarce. And every big bang and crunch alternates the dominent matter between the two.



New Pluto moon spied by Hubble

It’s getting a bit crouded around that small planetoid. Perhaps it’s also getting harder to classify the planets from the planetoids from the rocks.



Google Is Closing Google Labs

Hard to understand what this means for Google as Google Labs always produced successful new inovations, and this always appeared to be a core aspect of Google’s vision.



The shuttle’s successors

A simple analysis of the next generation manned orbiters.



Most distant object yet discovered

For 13.2 billion years the light has been traveling from this object to reach us, close to the brink of our visible horizon of roughly 13.7 billion years.


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