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Pathwayz is a collaborative space where a community of learners and educators can share material that supports learning. Pathwayz organises content into a branching tree where each scientific concept is represented by a leaf. Each leaf contains a written summary, videos, questions and teaching resources specific to that concept. Pathwayz can reorganise these ideas and generate a tree specific to the users own curriculum.

Pathwayz is a place where educators can share ideas and resources for the classroom. It enables educators to select a series of ideas and create a learning pathway for their students. This enables teachers to monitor the progress of their students and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Pathwayz is a place for learners to explore new ideas. It organises scientific concepts into manageable pieces and helps them to see the connections between ideas. It provides learners with a pathway where ideas follow a logical progression. Pathwayz is place for students to develop their understanding of Science and to help them prepare for assessments.


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The purpose of Timeshot is to provide a fast, painless way of setting up surveillance cameras, without going to the expense of installing an in house DVR system. Timeshot leverages off of the latest ability of IP cameras to send recorded images (‘shots’) to a remote site over the internet. Timeshot then organises and stores these shots so you can quickly access them anywhere in the world that you have internet access, via our secure website. Designed for personal, business and enterprise use; Timeshot allows you to create multiple user accounts with differing levels of access to cameras. So you can assign staff members or family members access to a single camera without compromising your account.


WARP Advanced Research Projects Logo

We are a community of like minded individuals who have a passion for exploration, science and technology. The projects we undertake hold fast to our vision of understanding the universe and challenging the ideas of today. We seek innovation in both science and technology for use in practical applications.

Our current projects will include ideas and research from individuals from all over the world the ultimate goal of creating an inexpensive, efficient and environmentally friendly space vehicle.

Our members debate and contribute to ideas and discussions as often as they can and with what their expertise allows.


//bookedandpaid Logo

  • A “live” booking calendar
    – All dates showing as available, are actually available
    – There is no ‘subject to confirmation’ or ‘pending’ or any other complication.
    – All dates showing as booked are firm bookings with the deposit paid.
    – There is no opportunity for double bookings.
    – Everything on your calendar is certain.
  • Instant online bookings
    – Click on a start date, click on an end date to show the booking
    – See the cost
    – Click the ‘Book now’ button and pay via credit card.
  • Instant online confirmation
    – An immediate automated email confirms all of the booking and arrival detail.