• 2014 – October

    Data Mining Reveals The Secret To Matching Crowdfunding Projects To Investors

    Crowdfunding is one of the more curious emergent phenomena on the Internet. The idea is that somebody proposes a project, such as creating a smartwatch, an art installation or a video game, and then asks the Internet crowd for money.

    Since 2001, crowdfunding sites have raised almost $3 billion and in 2012 alone, successfully funded more than 1 million projects. But while many projects succeed, far more fail. The reasons for failure are varied and many but one of the most commonly cited is the inability to match a project with suitable investors.

    That raises an interesting question. What kind of projects attract the most reliable investment? And how do investors find projects that match their own goals?


    Lockheed Martin pursues compact fusion reactor concept

    Lockheed Martin is making news this week with declarations about putting the Atomic Age on Restart and advancing in the realm of energy. “We are on the fast track to developing compact nuclear fusion reactors to serve the world’s ever-growing energy needs.”